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Warwickshire County Council has undertaken an energy-efficient lighting installation at its Shire Hall headquarters, using innovative retrofit device, ‘Save It Easy®’.

Part of a county-wide roll out, the project will result in the Council reducing its electricity costs by £199,647 and will deliver savings of 1,367 tonnes of carbon over the project’s lifespan.

The historical Shire Hall was one of the first targets in Warwickshire County Council’s programme to reduce the energy consumption of its buildings. However, due to Shire Hall’s status as a Listed Building, structural refurbishment needed to be kept to a minimum. For this reason, the Council chose the simple retrofit solution of Save It Easy when upgrading to energy-efficient lighting.

Using Save It Easy, a plug-in device from Energys Ltd, the Council was able to retain the existing light fittings as it upgraded 2,012 fluorescent tubes within the building to energy-efficient equivalents.

The higher efficiency of the low-energy lamps, plus the more efficient control gear in the Save It Easy units, will allow Shire Hall to save £15,649 each year on its electricity bills. This adds up to a total cost saving in the region of £199,647 over the estimated project life of 18 years. The Council will also save 1,367 tonnes of carbon over the project’s lifespan.

Bill Johnson, Energy Manager at Warwickshire County Council, comments: “The energy-efficient lighting installation at Shire Hall has been a huge success, with payback expected to be achieved in less than three years. And, crucially, by using Save It Easy, we’ve been able to achieve a massive reduction in our carbon footprint without compromising the integrity of Shire Hall or enduring disruptive refurbishment works. Another reason we chose the Save it Easy solution is that all the work needed to carry out installations is kept within the light fitting. This has eliminated any concerns that we will be met with additional costs for asbestos removal.”

Aidan Salter, Managing Director of Energys, comments: “The Shire Hall project has proved that Save It Easy delivers exceptional savings easily and without disruption. It will now be rolled out to all properties for which Warwickshire County Council has a responsibility for the carbon footprint, notably offices, schools and maintenance depots.”