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Energy efficiency loans and funding

Saving energy automatically means saving money. This means that energy efficiency funding loans can usually be repaid using the money saved on energy costs.

There are also additional savings to be made, in terms of reduced maintenance costs, since energy efficient fluorescent lamps typically last for five years – much longer than the old-style lamps. These are savings that an organisation can immediately benefit from.

Government-backed loans are more limited in scope than they were previously, but if a project does not qualify for this kind of funding, then taking advantage of our new ‘off balance sheet’ leasing scheme can provide similar benefits.

Schools and Public Sector Leasing Scheme

Energys, in partnership with Utility Rentals and Smart Eco Energy, offers a financing scheme tailored to the needs of schools.

More information: Energy efficiency funding by Energys Group

Energy efficient funding

The Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services provide loans of £1,000 upwards at commercial rates of interest to public- and private-sector organisations.

We can provide all the cost and energy saving information required for you to apply for a loan.

More information: Efficiency Financing scheme

Salix Finance

Salix funding provides government-backed, interest-free loans to public sector organisations in England and Wales. The minimum amount available is £5,000 per application, with no upper limit. Funding pots are available periodically.

The process is very easy, and we can provide all the information you will need. The application process for Salix finance normally takes only a couple of weeks before a decision is reached. The work normally needs to be undertaken within 9 months.

More information: Salix Finance Scheme

Carbon Trust Interest-Free Loans Scheme

The Carbon Trust provides SMEs with government-backed, interest-free loans of £3,000 to £100,000. Only available in Wales and Northern Ireland.

More information: Carbon Trust Interest-Free Loans Scheme