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T5 adapter from Save It Easy is a patented plug-in converter that allows replacement fluorescent T8 tubes with the energy-efficient T5 tubes in the existing light fitting.

The T5 lamp is driven by a low-drag high frequency ballast, which not only absorbs less energy then the T8 lamp but also excites the gas-filled tube more effectively. Light-up is immediate and with no need for a starter to produce an electrical “spike”.

The inside of a T5 tube is lined with three phosphor coatings which convert energy to light more efficiently. Foot-for-foot the light output is higher and frequently permits further “depopulation” savings by reduction of the number of tubes in use.

T5 tube life is typically double that of conventional T8 tubes, halving the frequency and cost of re-lamping. They also maintain a constant light level throughout their lifetime which is in comparison with the progressive fading of old-style T8 lamps.

Save It Easy adapter

Not only can you save up to 65% energy savings with ‘Save It Easy’ T5 adapters but with the use of the superior light quality of T5 tubes you can also provide a better working environment for users. It does so by eliminating the high-frequency flicker of old-style T8 tubes which, although not generally perceived, is a major cause of fatigue among those working under fluorescent light.

T5 tube benefits

• More efficient lighting with instant start-up.
• Greater light output.
• Potential to use fewer tubes.
• Longer-lasting tubes without lifetime fade.
• Non-flicker light = reduced worker fatigue.