Energy saving for Multi-Storey Car Park
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Lighting the Isambard Brunel Multi-Storey Car Park


The Project

Named after famous 19th-century engineer, the Isambard Brunel car park in
Portsmouth has 460 spaces. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and
therefore requires a high level of lighting around the clock. When Portsmouth City
Council was looking to reduce energy consumption at the car park, making the
switch to energy-efficient lighting using ‘Save It Easy®’ was identified as an ideal


Using Save It Easy, Energys Services Ltd (ESL) installed 520 energy-efficient
lamps over the various levels of the multi-storey car park.


The higher efficiency of the low-energy lamps, plus the more efficient control
gear in the Save It Easy units, has allowed the car park to reduce its energy use
in lighting by 49%, making annual savings of £17,573 on its electricity bills.
As a result of the project, the car park has also successfully cut its carbon foot-
print by 45%, saving 87 tonnes of carbon each year.

Project Payback

Portsmouth City Council will achieve payback on the Isambard Brunel car park
project in just 11 months.