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St Brigids

Tuam, Galway

The Project

Situated in Tuam, Co Galway, St Brigids Secondary School are a progressive school pursuing energy reduction in all areas. Energy Sense Ireland were able to establish instant energy savings on lighting at the school as well as enable St Brigids to upgrade their lighting.


Energy Sense Ireland audited St Brigids in June 2010. St Brigids lighting was inefficient and high on energy consumption. ESI were able to retrofit the entire school for a fraction of the cost and upgrade to energy efficient lamps and ballasts using the existing fittings. In August 2010 over 500 lamps were converted to energy efficient lamps using the Save It Easy Inline adapters with no disruption to the everyday workings of the school. Install was completed within two working days. By availing of the Public Sector Payment Scheme St Brigids made made an upfront payment for the project and will now pay the balance over a 30 month period.

The Savings

Further areas of energy reduction for St Brigids are being explored by Energy Sense Ireland. As a result of installing the Save It Easy® units, annual energy cost and product savings of €4900 and CO2 emissions savings of 32 tones have been made. This installation was throughout the whole school with 46% savings on St Brigids lighting costs.

Project Payback and Comments

Including annual maintenance cost and Climate Change Levy -: 2.3 years.

Clients Comments

“With Savings of approximately €5000 per year, we are able to reinvest our energy savings into more IT Equipment for our Computer labs. That’s money well spent.” Gearoid Leen– Principle of St Brigids

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