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West Sussex County Council

The Project

Following the second phase of a hugely-successful, council-wide programme to cut carbon, West Sussex County Council has now upgraded the lighting at more than 50 of its properties, replacing outdated fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient equivalents using the retrofit conversion device, ‘Save It Easy®’.


With hard work and the aid of some clever technology, West Sussex County Council is setting the standard in carbon reduction. Faced with in-house

CO2 targets to meet and a new financial burden under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the Council sprang into action three years ago to begin reducing its carbon footprint. Its newly-created Carbon Management Team was charged with seeking out ways of cutting carbon and in a short space of time, it has already achieved incredible results.

The Challenge

Right from the start, the Council identified lighting as a key source of energy waste. The old-style fluorescent lamps that were in use across the majority of Council offices were driving up CO

“We needed a lighting solution that could allow the new, energy-efficient fluorescent lamps to be slotted into the existing fittings,” comments Nicola Winser, Carbon Management Officer at West Sussex County Council. “The plug-in T5 adapter Save It Easy seemed to fit the bill. We carried out extensive trials of Save It Easy, which was enough to convince our senior management and maintenance teams that a retrofit solution was the right one for the Council.”

Following the trials, West Sussex undertook the first phase of the lighting upgrade, netting savings of 29 tonnes of CO

The project was funded through the government-backed Salix initiative, which provides interest-free loans to public sector organisations making energy-efficiency upgrades. Due to the instant savings on energy bills that have been unlocked by energy efficient projects including the lighting upgrades, the Council has been able to establish a revolving fund, which has been used to greenlight further carbon-reduction projects.

“We’ve installed more than 12,000 energy-efficient T5 lamps using Save It Easy,” says Ms Winser. “Lighting upgrades have been made across all suitable West Sussex’s fire stations, libraries, care homes and day centres for vulnerable adults and children, as well as at the Council’s main administrative sites in Chichester, Worthing and Bognor Regis. It’s been a huge undertaking, but Save It Easy has proved itself as a reliable technology – one that is making a real difference to the Council’s carbon footprint.”

2 by installing 1,016 Save It Easy units at its County Hall headquarters in Chichester. Building on this success, the second phase of the council-wide roll-out is now underway. Low-energy fluorescent lamps have now been retrofit-installed, using Save It Easy, in 55 of its buildings, with plans to install the technology at a further 16 offices, bringing the total to 74.

Results and Outcome

The installation part of the project has already proved a success, and the resulting energy savings are now beginning to stack up. According to the Council’s own savings figures, the new lighting will reduce the energy consumption for its corporate estate by a staggering 722,626 kWh. This translates to a financial saving of £78,745 every year.

The Council will also save 389 tonnes of CO

Client Testimonial

2 every year as a result of its lighting upgrades. This has helped exceed its annual carbon-saving targets of 1,597 tCO2 in 2011/12 and 320 tCO2 in 2012/13. This is a triumph that will also ensure that West Sussex has a lower burden under the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

” We have received great customer care from Energys. The Energys engineers were always willing to speak to the facilities teams about Save It Easy at any point. And the warranty from Energys has provided real peace of mind for us. There has been a low percentage of failures with Save It Easy, but if something does go wrong, Energys has been quick to respond, ensuring the lights remain on, with no hassle or extra cost involved.”

Carbon Management Officer,West Sussex County Council Nicola Winser

The Solution

2 emissions. However, the Carbon Management Team felt that it would be uneconomical and wasteful to rip out and remove all of the existing light fittings, in order to make way for the new T5 lamps, which crucially differ in size and technical specification from the old lamps.